A number of committees carry out the work of the Academy.

Leadership/Policy Committee

This committee splits its focus between leadership development (including succession planning, mentorship, and leadership education) and drafting position/policy statements to guide and inform the work of ACEN and its members. Members of ACEN may submit ideas for position statements to be evaluated against the policy-screening tool by the committee. Those accepted by the committee are assigned to a committee-working group to draft the policy/position statement, which is then reviewed by the whole committee. To date, the committee has prepared three position statements.  The committee has also been instrumental in the initial work of the National Nursing Quality Report initiative.

For a list of committee members: ACEN Professional Development Committee members 2017

Finance Committee

This committee is charged with overseeing and reviewing the ACEN budgets. The committee reviews financial statements and offers advice on keeping ACEN financially stable as well as develop and review financial policies and procedures.

For a list of committee members: ACEN Finance Committee members 2017

Professional Development Committee

The mandate of the ACEN Professional Development Committee is to assess the professional development needs of the membership, to organize educational sessions on current topics of interest and to make recommendations to the Executive on potential educational opportunities that may benefit the membership.  The Committee takes a proactive role in professional development by identifying ACEN members needs for professional development, organizing appropriate topics for the ACEN Cross Canada Check-ups and recommending other professional development opportunities that may be of interest to the membership.

For a list of committee members: ACEN Professional Development Committee members 2017

Editorial Advisory Committee – CJNL

The Editorial Advisory Committee meets to review the performance of the Canadian Journal of Nursing Leadership and to provide feedback on the format, content and themes of the journal. The journal is peer reviewed and covers politics, policy, theory and innovations that contribute to leadership in nursing administration, practice, teaching and research. Through the Canadian Journal of Nursing Leadership, ACEN enables and facilitates an academic level of discussion, information sharing and debate on issues that are of value and concern to its members.


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