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The need for standardized information on health outcomes for the evaluation of health services is coming into greater focus each year as health care reform and dialogue continues across the country. A critical element for achieving the successful integration of nursing data requirements into electronic health records and the health information system in Canada is a clear vision of the purpose and focus on these nursing data requirements and the support of nursing leaders to achieve that vision.

In the fall of 2010, the Academy of Canadian Executive Nurses (ACEN) Leadership/Policy Committee made the decision to focus on identifying and promoting significant nurse sensitive indicators.  The committee chose this initiative in order to make explicit the contribution of nursing to quality health outcomes, as well as to envision a report card that could be used to formulate and drive the quality agenda in the future. The committee contacted researchers in the field and key stakeholders involved in outcome measurement, including Canadian Nurses Association (CNA), Canada Health Infoway (CHI) and the Canadian Institute of Health Information (CIHI).  The idea for a national nursing report card was solidified and an invitational Think Tank was convened to launch this work.  ACEN and CNA agreed to co-chair a Planning Committee for the Think Tank event to select and define nurse sensitive structure, process and outcome indicators.  Funding was solicited from Health Canada for the think tank meeting and the follow-up work.


Think Tank

The Think Tank: Toward a National Report Card for Nursing was held in Montreal, Quebec on February 13, 2011 and brought together 50 nurse leaders in health services delivery from each region of the country, as well as thought leaders from other key sectors: research, education, professional associations, informatics, regulatory bodies and federal/provincial/territorial nurse advisers.

The objectives of the Think Tank were for nurse leaders to create a shared vision and critical path for a national report card on nursing; to generate support for the work amongst the nursing leadership community; and to outline the concrete steps to achieve it through collaboration with other national and quality system initiatives for health information in Canada. Discussions over how the excellent work done thus far can be used as a national set of nurse sensitive indicators took place throughout the day.

Executive Summary Toward a National Report Card for Nursing – May 2011

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